Study Guide

Dr. Jerry Weiss in A Mango-Shaped Space

By Wendy Mass

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Dr. Jerry Weiss

We love ourselves a professor with a big heart, and Dr. Jerry Weiss fit the bill perfectly. When Mia first meets him, she thinks:

He reminds me of a movie star, but I can't think of which one. Right away he tells us to call him Jerry instead of Dr. Weiss. His office is small and filled with books of all sorts—fat books, skinny books, old books with pages sticking out, new books still stuffed in bags. (6.26)

Right away, we can tell that Jerry is laid back and personable. He might be a professor and a brainiac, but that doesn't mean he's a lofty snob. In fact, he shares what he knows about synesthesia with Mia and her parents very willingly; it's clear he just wants to help. He gives Mia's family information and resources about the condition, and even helps Mia figure out what she wants to do with her synesthesia. Plus he's easy on the eyes, which never hurts and definitely doesn't go unnoticed by Mia or her mother.

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