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Mr. and Mrs. Winchell (Mia's Parents) in A Mango-Shaped Space

By Wendy Mass

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Mr. and Mrs. Winchell (Mia's Parents)

Loving, supportive, and a little quirky, Mia's parents help keep Mia grounded when she is ready to fly off into her color-filled world alone. They take her to doctor's appointments, make her finish her homework, and keep her in check with her brother and sister. You know, normal parent stuff. We can tell they really have her back when her dad says, "I'm here for you. If you need me" (8.36). Aw.

Even though Mia is afraid to tell the truth about her colors, her parents handle it pretty well. Sure, they want to explain it away and check to make sure she's not lying. (What parent wouldn't when failing math is on the line?) But it doesn't take long for them to believe her and get on board with synesthesia. In fact, her mom even apologizes to her daughter for not doing anything sooner when she remembers her mother-in-law dancing to the colors of the music:

"But I still didn't think anything of it, Mia. I'm so sorry. I should have taken it more seriously." (15.104)

It doesn't take long for Mia to see that her parents are about as understanding and encouraging as they come. And this matters. Mia has enough to sort through without unsupportive parents getting in her way, too. So though they might stumble here and there, when it comes to Mia's parents, consider them her cheerleaders for life.

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