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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Jenna's relieved to see Mia. She figured Mia would blow her off again since she's been so preoccupied with the synesthesia stuff lately.
  • Her dad's making his world famous blueberry pancakes, and Jenna invites Mia in.
  • The two of them chat about Mia's history project before Mia notices that a woman is in the kitchen, too.
  • It's Jenna's dad's friend (a.k.a. girlfriend) Rebecca. We can tell that Jenna doesn't like her dad bringing Rebecca to a Sunday family tradition (to be fair, we hate sharing pancakes, too) since she talks to Rebecca in short, rude statements.
  • Before Mia has a chance to do any damage control, Jenna whisks her away. The two of them chat about Jenna's party in her room until her dad calls her downstairs again.
  • Just as Mia could have predicted, Jenna's in big trouble for being rude to Rebecca. Jenna's dad says she has to make her feel more welcome. Ick.
  • Jenna tells Mia that her dad has been dating Rebecca for six weeks, and she wants her gone. Knowing it will cheer Jenna up, Mia suggests a PIC mission of stealing all of Rebecca's makeup from her purse. But Jenna's not interested.
  • In fact, she'd rather be alone right now; she asks Mia if they can hang out another time.
  • Mia says this is no problem, though she's actually pretty bummed that her BFF is blowing her off since this is the first time they've hung out in weeks.
  • When Mia gets home, she gets a phone call from Adam. It turns out he knows Jerry, too, and will be at the synesthesia event over Thanksgiving weekend. He wanted to tell her right away.
  • Mia's excited, but she's also nervous—she's not sure what it will be like to meet Adam in person.
  • She decides to look for Mango. When she finally finds her beloved cat, the little guy is drowsy. She figures he just had a busy day chasing squirrels or something.
  • The next day at school, Roger tells Mia that his mom made the acupuncture appointment for her. She's thrilled. Mia lies and says her mom knows about it, too.
  • The appointment's on Wednesday.
  • That night, Mia helps her mom make dinner but everyone is too busy to thank her.
  • The next day she goes to Roger's house to work on their history project. Laura sees a dog bowl and gets freaked out that he might have a dog since she's allergic.
  • Roger assures her they don't have a dog, though, and Mia remembers seeing Roger in the vet's office the day his dog was put down.
  • They talk about their research and decide they need something more, like a painting. Since Mia is the resident artist, she will work on a painting to go along with the project.
  • On Wednesday after school, Mia practically runs over to Roger so they can go to acupuncture. She can hardly wait.
  • One there, the acupuncturist explains to her that she will stick small needles in her feet, hips, and ears to turn Mia's chi on. It doesn't really make sense to Mia but she's willing to give it a try.
  • She claims she has an earache, though she's not sure the acupuncturist believes her.
  • When Mia comes out of the acupuncture session, she can see colors everywhere. All around people she sees bursts of bold colors floating in the air. Usually she seems them with letters, numbers, and sounds, not people.
  • Mia can hardly contain her excitement.
  • She notices that Roger lights up extra whenever she talks to him. Hmm… why is that?
  • When she gets home, she sees mango-colored streaks everywhere and it makes her happy.

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