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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 11

By Wendy Mass

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Chapter 11

  • The next morning, Mia can't see the glows around people anymore. She stayed up way past her bedtime checking out how her family interacts with each other.
  • She could tell when someone was lying (Beth), or was grateful (her dad), or was telling the truth (Zack).
  • Mia wants to go back to acupuncture that afternoon but Roger explains that they have to wait a week to go again. Bummer.
  • He also tells her they have to present their history project on Wednesday—the day before Thanksgiving—to the class.
  • After school, Mia's mom announces that they're going to the food drive to help box up donations for needy families. Zack and her dad come along, too, but Beth has to do homework.
  • At the food drive, Mia sees Billy's mom and goes over to talk to him. She explains that Billy doesn't have an overactive imagination, but synesthesia, a rare crossover of the senses.
  • Billy's mom doesn't want to hear it, though, and she basically tells Mia to get lost.
  • Back at home, Mia checks her email and finds one from Adam. He explains that she saw people's pheromones in color after her acupuncture session.
  • She's amazed. She's heard of pheromones before in science class, but she didn't know she'd be able to see them for herself.
  • Wait a minute… If Roger's lit up when he saw her, maybe that he means he likes her.
  • At school the next day, Roger asks Mia if they can change their acupuncture appointments to Tuesday instead of Wednesday. It's easier for his mom that way.
  • Since that's even sooner, Mia says yes.
  • Jenna tells Mia that she wants her hair to look sophisticated for her party. Rebecca offered to do it for her, but Jenna doesn't want her thinking they are close.
  • When she gets home, Mia gets to work on the painting for the history project. She sees bursts of color go off from the music and begins to paint them; it's magical to her.
  • On Tuesday, she goes to acupuncture with Roger and the acupuncturist asks if she wants the electric currents this time.
  • After she's assured it doesn't hurt, Mia says sure.

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