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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 12

By Wendy Mass

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Chapter 12

  • When Mia opens her eyes after the session, the colors are bolder and brighter than before. She can see the pheromones everywhere—it's mesmerizing.
  • In fact, it's hard to act normal when she can see color floating around everywhere.
  • At dinner, Mia has a hard time concentrating. Luckily, though, her dad is outside getting ready for the cold spell that's about to hit, so no one notices anything.
  • Plus, Zack and Beth are too busy complaining to their mom about how inhumane it is to serve turkey for Thanksgiving. Millions of poor, gobbling birds are killed a year.
  • Their mom finally gives in and agrees to serve tofu instead, which Mia knows will bum her dad out.
  • The next day the colors are still dancing around in Mia's head. She's glad they're not gone yet, but it's a little distracting.
  • She accidentally leaves the painting at home, but since she needs it for her history presentation, she calls her dad and asks him to bring it to her.
  • He drives it to her school just in the nick of time.
  • Mia and her team do their presentation and everyone loves her painting. Phew.
  • The only one who seems to notice she didn't have her painting before is Roger, who gives her a hard time about always forgetting stuff.
  • Thanksgiving is here. The family dinner is a little weird with no turkey, and Mia's dad never misses an opportunity to remind everyone of what's missing.
  • By the afternoon, though, everything is back to normal. Beth convinces their dad to be nicer since it's a holiday, and everyone is in a good mood.
  • So good, in fact, that Beth agrees to let Mia wear her dress to the synesthesia shindig at University of Chicago that weekend.
  • Mia wants to look pretty and girly when she first meets Adam.

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