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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 14

By Wendy Mass

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Chapter 14

  • Mia's mom helps her to the house. By this point, Zack and Beth are outside, too.
  • Everyone trudges back inside, Mia barely aware of what's happening. She changes into dry pajamas and goes to bed.
  • A little while later, her mom comes to her room and explains that she called Jerry to tell him what happened and that they won't be at the meeting.
  • Mia hadn't even thought about the meeting or Adam. She feels guilty for even thinking of the meeting now.
  • Later on, Zack asks Mia to come to where Beth is holding a healing circle for Mango. It's not to bring him back or anything, it's just a way for them to remember how much they loved their cat and talk about it.
  • Mia's not interested, though, and she gets mad at them for even suggesting it. Yelling, Mia lets them know that she's the one who killed Mango.
  • If she hadn't gone out that night, maybe he would still be warm and safe instead of out in the cold. She wasn't there to watch over him like she was supposed to.
  • Jenna calls, angry that Mia hasn't arrived—her big party is tonight; it's all she's been talking about for weeks.
  • When Mia goes to the phone she tells Jenna she can't make it to the party, but doesn't explain why. Jenna doesn't even give her a chance.
  • In fact, Jenna jumps to conclusions: She thinks it's because Mia would rather hang out with everyone from the synesthesia group and is super hurt. She hangs up without letting Mia explain.
  • Mia gets off the phone and notices that Mango's bowl is gone. He hasn't even been gone one day and her parents have already gotten rid of his stuff. How could they?
  • She lashes out at her parents before repeating that she killed Mango. Oh, and by the way, her colors are now gone.
  • Her parents tell her that's normal in trauma; Jerry even said so.
  • Later on, Zack comes to Mia's room and lets her know they are burying Mango in the backyard. He wants her to come with them and knows it's what Mango would have wanted, too.
  • Mia doesn't want to go, but she knows he's right, so she grabs Mango's favorite blanket, runs outside, and gives it to her dad.
  • That's all she can do. Mia turns and runs back in the house before she has to think about Mango being dead again.
  • The next day, Mia heads up to the cemetery. She's still down and wants to be alone.
  • Before long, Jenna, Kimberly, and Molly show up to comfort her. Huh? How did they know?
  • It turns out Mia's mom called Jenna and explained everything, and Jenna came right away to be with her best friend. Aw.
  • Mia is touched. At the same time, she's still too upset to talk to anyone. She blames herself for Mango's death, so she blurts that out (again) and storms off.

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