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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • That night, Mia's family has a mandatory family meeting; the only reason Mia bothers to go is because her mom doesn't give her a choice.
  • Her parents explain that it's no one's fault that Mango died. He had a tear in his lungs and these things happen—in fact, the vet says they're lucky he lived as long as he did.
  • Zack blames himself for accidentally letting Mango outside, but Mia thinks it's her fault because she was too preoccupied to notice he was gone, and she forgot to give him his pill one time.
  • Mia's dad says none of that would have mattered: Mango stopped eating a few days ago; it was just his time.
  • On Monday, Mia's parents let her get out of school since she's still a mess.
  • She notices an email from Adam that says she should have come to the meeting. Sure, her cat died, but it's just an animal.
  • Oh uh-uh. Mia is hurt by that, big time. Mango wasn't just an animal to her, and she's mad at herself for ever liking someone who could say that. She wishes she hadn't wasted her first kiss on a jerk.
  • The next day Mia's parents make her go to school, despite her protests.
  • Jenna comes up to her and cuts off Mia's friendship bracelet.
  • In its place, she gives Mia a brand new, shiny gold bracelet. Her mom gave her these for her fourteenth birthday present, figuring they'd need new ones by now. The girls cry and hug.
  • In gym class, Roger comes over and asks Mia why she wasn't at Jenna's party.
  • When she explains her cat died, he's really sympathetic; he says knows how she feels.
  • She's about to correct him when she remembers seeing Roger that day at the vet's office.
  • He tells her that his dog was almost like a brother to him, even if that's stupid.
  • Mia feels like he understands her. Hey, how come she never noticed how totally hot Roger is before now?
  • She points out that he's the only guy in the whole school who hasn't asked the color of his name and asks him why this is.
  • Roger tells her he's colorblind—it doesn't matter what color his name is since he can't see it. Mia comments that they make quite a pair and they chuckle about it.
  • Jerry calls to check in on her. Even though it doesn't seem like it, he assures her that the feeling of loss will pass. She'll get her colors back, he guarantees it.
  • On Saturday, Billy, his mom, and sister come over. It turns out Billy's sister goes to Mia's school (and is the one who warned her to keep her mouth shut or else she'd get sent to a special school).
  • His mom wants to know more about synesthesia, and she knows she didn't have the best reaction to the news when Mia told her.
  • Mia gives them the website that she uses along with Jerry's information so they can learn more. Then she and Billy start talking about what colors they can see. Wait a minute—Mia has her colors back. Yay.
  • Billy's family leaves and Mia's mom tells her that she's proud of her for helping them.
  • She also has a confession to make: Ever since Jerry said that synesthesia is usually hereditary, she's been thinking a lot about it.
  • She remembers once that Grandma was dancing around to music and kept talking about the beautiful colors. Mia said they were beautiful and joined it.
  • At the time, Mia's mom just thought that grandma was being imaginative; she never imagined those were literal colors that they could see.
  • She feels badly that Mia didn't get to talk to someone about her synesthesia sooner. Maybe if grandma hadn't died when Mia was six, she would have been able to.
  • For a while, Mia thinks about that. It makes her feel good that her grandma had this, too.
  • That night, Mia and her family head off to their neighbor's house for a holiday party.
  • There, Zack finds a bunch of kittens that have just been born. It's clear from how the smallest one looks that Mango was the dad. This little kitten is the spitting image of Mango.
  • Mia notices that when he purrs, she sees a mustard color.
  • Zack says that he wants it, but Mia's not so sure—she doesn't want to replace Mango so soon, even if this is Mango's son.
  • That night, though, Mia dreams about mustard. When she wakes up, she tells us she knows what it means. Looks like a kitten just found a new home…

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