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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 2

By Wendy Mass

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Chapter 2

  • Mia stops and stares at her painting. It's of her grandpa, and she thinks it's good, but something is definitely missing.
  • She decides to add Mango on her grandpa's shoulder. She gives them the same eyes because she likes to think a little piece of her grandpa's soul is still in Mango. The rest is in heaven with her grandma.
  • She remembers the first time she saw Mango. He was hanging out at her grandpa's grave the day of the funeral.
  • Mia had to beg her parents to let her keep the stray cat, but finally they agreed.
  • It turns out Mango has a rip in his lung that makes him wheeze all the time. His wheezing looks orange and yellow to Mia, which is why she named him Mango. Of course, if you ask her, though, she'll say it's because that's the color of his eyes.
  • Her dad comes into Mia's room to see the painting; he admires it. He really loves the way she's captured his dad.
  • Mia didn't want to make him sad since it's the anniversary of her grandpa's death today, but she's glad he likes her painting. She knows her dad gets emotional about his parents dying when he talks about them.
  • In fact, her mom was really close to her grandparents, too, even though they were her dad's parents. Her mom's parents live out in Florida and don't like to fly (which Mia suspects is code for a bigger reason why they don't like coming out to see her family).
  • Mia tells her dad it's going to rain, but he notes there's not a cloud in the sky. He leaves with Beth, and Mia heads off to the cemetery.
  • Together, Mia and Mango place the painting on her grandpa's grave. While she's there, it starts to rain and Mango scrams.
  • She runs home—soaked—without Mango.
  • When she gets there, Beth mocks her wet clothes but gives her a hug anyway. Beth has been away for a week at camp in California and is now all interested in nature and superstitions.
  • She's even relocating her bed so it's better aligned with the North Pole's magnetic pull. Mia thinks this a load of rubbish, but Zack totally agrees with Beth's thinking.
  • Meow. Mango's home, and hungry for dinner.
  • After Mia feeds him, she goes with her mom to the grocery store. Beth doesn't eat anything with a face now, so hamburgers are out. Spaghetti, it is.
  • At the store, Mia meets a guy named Billy Henkle who tells her that the name Mia is purple with orange stripes.
  • Nope, Mia says—it's actually red with light green. What is this kid talking about?
  • That's when it hits her: Billy sees colors, too. She's not the only one who can. Whoa.
  • Before she can do anything else, her mom is heading out to the car, and Billy's mom is scolding him for making up stories.

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