Chapter 5

  • Mia's mom takes her to see the psychotherapist, Ms. Finn, whose office is pure white right down to the carpet.
  • Jenna is still not talking to Mia, which makes her super upset. Mia's mom tells her not to worry about it, though; she's sure they'll patch things up soon.
  • The psychotherapist asks Mia a bunch of questions about whether she's doing this for attention or because she's depressed.
  • Once Ms. Finn is certain that Mia isn't lying, she suggests Mia sees a neurologist. Great, more doctors, Mia thinks.
  • The next morning, Mia's parents wake her up with the good news: The neurologist called and she doesn't have a brain tumor. Phew.
  • No, he hasn't seen her yet, but he's heard of what she is going through and can help. Mia's excited, but wants to know more.
  • Since the brain doc is in Europe at the moment, Mia will just have to wait until he gets back in a week to learn more.
  • Mia decides to break the ice with Jenna by going over to her house.
  • Luckily, Jenna misses Mia as much as Mia misses Jenna, so they hug and make up.
  • Jenna has a confession to make: She accidentally spilled the beans about Mia's condition to Kimberly, who told the entire school. Yikes.
  • Even though Jenna apologizes, Mia is still annoyed. How could her best friend do something like that?
  • Mia's afraid to go to school and be labeled a freak yet again.

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