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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 7

By Wendy Mass

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Chapter 7

  • A few days later, Mia's mom takes her back to Jerry's office to talk more about synesthesia.
  • He explains that when they first started research on the condition, they thought every color must be permanently matched with numbers or sounds. So, for instance, the letter n must always be blue.
  • Before long, though, they figured out that wasn't the case. Sure, n might be blue to one person, but it also might be yellow or orange to someone else.
  • That explains why Billy thought Mia's name was one color, whereas Mia sees it a different way.
  • Mia's mom jumps in to say that what she really wants to know is how Mia can he helped with math—something has to be done about this now.
  • It's clear she wants Mia to get rid of her extra senses, which Mia isn't sure is such a good idea.
  • Jerry points out that people who have synesthesia often experience art a lot more, which would explain Mia's love of painting.
  • Mia doesn't want to give up her art talent or seeing colors all together; she just wants to be able to turn them off to do better in math.
  • Jerry tells her that she has to learn what enhances her colors, and what dulls them. Once she figures this out, Mia should be able to paint and do math.
  • As they drive home, Mia's mom comments how hot Jerry is. Mia's all gross, Mom even though she totally agrees—the doc is easy on the eyes.
  • When they get home, Mia can't find Mango. She knows he has to be around here somewhere, but she's not sure where.
  • As she looks for him, Beth intercepts her and asks what's been going on with her lately. She's heard the gossip from Zack, but she wants the story straight from the source—Mia.
  • This isn't the most comfortable situation since the sisters aren't exactly close anymore, but Mia decides to confide in Beth, and she spills the beans about her condition.
  • Surprisingly, Beth is pretty understanding. She doesn't even make a snarky remark after Mia finishes telling her, aside from asking if it's true.
  • Mia finally finds Mango, and then she sits down at the computer to check out the website Jerry gave her.
  • As she logs on, Mia notices an overload of info. There are academic papers, scientific studies, and loads of personal stories on there.
  • She decides to put a little about herself. She lists her age, type of synesthesia, and email address, for anyone who wants to get in touch with her.
  • Right away, her mom comes in and tells her there's a guy named Roger on the phone for her.
  • Mia picks up and Roger asks her about the history project—they have to meet as soon as possible.
  • Roger suggests they grab lunch together on Monday (in the cafeteria) with their group and talk about it more.
  • Mia agrees. Her mind is elsewhere, though, mainly on the screen about synesthesia. She hangs up with Roger and starts to think how boring the world must be in all black and white.

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