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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • The next day, Mia heads to the grocery store where she first met Billy, hoping to find him again. It's not until she gets there that she realizes this is a long shot.
  • She asks the cashier about Billy, but of course she doesn't remember him; Mia leaves without any answers or info.
  • When she gets home, Mia checks her email right away. She has notes from Kimberly and Jenna, but doesn't want to read either of them yet. Mia's not ready to share all the details of her condition with them yet.
  • There's another email from a guy named Adam. He's from the synesthesia website, and is fourteen; he sees colors for sounds like Mia does, but he also tastes color, too.
  • He loves the outdoors and poetry (although that last part is a secret).
  • Immediately, Mia is excited. She loves the idea of knowing someone who really gets what she's going through.
  • She sends a note back asking him whether broccoli is always blue, or if the colors taste different each time. This is the first time she's sent an email to a guy, so she's a little nervous.
  • Zack comes in and makes fun of Mia for having a boyfriend, which she ignores.
  • It dawns on Mia that Adam might actually be an old man pretending to be a fourteen-year-old guy. How does she know he's legit?
  • She asks him this, along with what color her name is to him; to her, his is like a pale yellow grapefruit.
  • Mia decides it would be pathetic to sit around waiting for an email back from Adam, so instead she goes outside and helps her dad clean the helicopter.
  • He tells her that he has her back and always has. If she needs anything to help her get through this situation, all she has to do is ask and he's there. Aw.
  • Mia checks her email again and reads the ones from her friends. Kimberly says she has a crush on a seventh grader even though he's younger than her.
  • A couple hours later, Mia sees not one, but three emails from Adam. One explains that he always sees the same shape and color when he tastes.
  • He hates broccoli, but he loves chocolate—every time he eats it, he sees a pink rectangle with a green stripe.
  • The next email asks Mia what she looks like. Sure, it doesn't really matter, but he kind of wants to know. The email ends abruptly, and the next one explains that he meant to delete it; it also explains what he looks like.
  • Mia suddenly feels all tingly inside. She wonders if this is what Kimberly feels like with her crush.
  • Her mom comes in and asks if she's doing okay lately because she's been a little distracted. Mia swears she's fine and rushes off before her mom can question her more.
  • The next day, Jenna asks Mia why she blew off their latest PIC mission—they were supposed to make a love potion last night for Kimberly.
  • Uh, they were? Mia doesn't even remember that. Oops.
  • Mia is eating with her friends at lunch when Roger comes over and taps her on the shoulder. They're supposed to meet to discuss the history project, remember? Okay, maybe Mia has been distracted lately.
  • She follows Roger to where the other group members, Jonah and Laura, are waiting. They're already debating about what they should do for the project.
  • Slavery and the atomic bomb are suggested, but Roger's not so sure these are the best paths to go down—both seem pretty obvious and that won't get them a good grade.
  • Roger thinks they should work on the Ibos. He remembers Mia doing a project on them back in fifth grade and it was pretty cool.
  • Wow, Mia can't believe he remembers that about her; she made a ship and everything.
  • That decides it: They will work on the Ibos and divvy up the research.
  • As they are leaving, Mia asks Roger about the acupuncture he goes to for his ankle. She read on the synesthesia website that one lady uses acupuncture to heighten her colors.
  • Roger assures her it doesn't hurt and Mia thinks she might like to try it sometime.
  • When she gets to math class, Mia remembers she has a quiz. She can't stand the thought of going to summer school, so she colors the rainbow of the formula on her shoes. Sure, it's cheating, but no one knows since no one can see her colors.
  • The teacher grades their quizzes while they work on their homework and hands them back at the end of class.
  • Mia is shocked when she gets her paper back: She got an A. Hmm… maybe this color thing isn't such a bad idea after all.

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