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A Mango-Shaped Space Chapter 9

By Wendy Mass

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Chapter 9

  • Mia is trying to get ready for school but Beth is hogging the bathroom; eventually Mia decides to just go without showering.
  • Instead she checks her email. And guess what? She finds another one from Adam. In it, he tells her that he got drunk one time to see if it helped him see more colors, but all it did was make him puke. Ick.
  • He thinks she should try acupuncture to see if it works. Even if she has to lie to her parents, it would be worth it. Um, okay…
  • Just then the phone rings. It's Jerry calling because he's gotten some funding for a big project on synesthesia and wants to invite Mia to join in.
  • The weekend after Thanksgiving, he'll have a bunch of other people with synesthesia get together and talk about their symptoms. Is she in?
  • Mia's thrilled. She asks if she can invite Billy, and Jerry says that she definitely can.
  • When she gets off the phone, Mia has to put up with her mom asking her who Billy is. She already knows about Mia's two other boyfriends—Roger and Adam—from Zack.
  • Sigh. Mia's annoyed at her bro for ratting her out, especially since there's nothing going on with either of those guys. Okay, so maybe she has a crush on Adam, but definitely not on Roger…
  • At school, Jenna can't stop talking about her fabulous birthday party she'll be having. Mia gets tired of hearing about it, so she tunes out.
  • After school, Samantha, Mia's new math tutor, comes over. Zack can't stop staring at her.
  • Mia, on the other hand, finds her enthusiasm for math annoying. How can anyone be that happy about equations?
  • As soon as the tutor leaves, Mia gets mad at Zack for hanging around so much and telling their mom about Roger and Adam. He knows he shouldn't have, but he wanted to get back at her for… well, he's not sure exactly. Typical pesky younger brother.
  • Mia goes upstairs to take a bath. She figures this will kill two birds with one stone because she didn't shower today and the hot water and steam is supposed to enhance the colors (or so someone said on the website).
  • She gives it a try. It's way better than anything she could have imagined, and she promises herself to make this her new bathing method—the colors are so intense and vibrant in the steamy room.
  • Finally Mia works up the courage to call Roger and ask about the acupuncture he goes to for his ankle. She can't imagine how great acupuncture is if the bath was that awesome.
  • She asks him if he can have his mom drive her when he goes next time, and he agrees.
  • After she gets off the phone, Mia overhears her parents talking about her. They're worried about her math grade and aren't so sure that connecting with all these other people with synesthesia is really doing anything.
  • Mia hides so she can hear them talk about her, and then she heads out to see Jenna. On the way out the door, her friendship bracelet catches on the door handle and rips a little. Oops.

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