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A Mango-Shaped Space Prologue

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  • Mia is your typical eight-year-old girl. She counts down the minutes until the end of math class, has an opinion about everything, and oh—did we mention?—thinks numbers have colors.
  • She tells us about the first time she was called a freak because of it.
  • It was in math class in third grade. Mia had to do a multiplication problem on the board but spent most of her time writing the letters in the correct colors.
  • Of course her teacher thought she was just being a smart aleck. So Mia got sent to the principal's office and got put on eraser duty for a week.
  • Never mind that Mia actually sees colors in numbers—she decided to keep her mouth shut about it since everyone in her class called her a big fat liar.
  • Now, five years later, she's managed to keep the colors of numbers her little secret, though she warns us that this is about to change.

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