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Maniac Magee Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Inside 728 Sycamore is where Maniac (Jeffrey, according to Amanda) meets Mrs. Beale, Mr. Beale, Hester, Lester and Bow Wow.
  • The Beale home is nothing like the house he left behind in Hollidaysburg—it's loud, chaotic, and happy.
  • Oh, and there's only one toaster.
  • Over the course of the evening, Maniac experiences what it's like to be part of a family.
  • He plays with the kids and the dog. He eats dinner at the table with the rest of the Beales. He helps Amanda fix her book, watches TV with Hester and Lester, and then reads them a book.
  • At some point, though, the evening has to come to an end. Mr. Beale offers Maniac a ride home, and when Maniac declares that they've made it in front of a house a couple blocks away from the Beales' and still in the East End, Mr. Beale knows something is up.
  • He calls Maniac's bluff, and before you know it there's one more resident at 728 Sycamore.

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