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Maniac Magee Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

  • Cobble's Knot has a legend of its own.
  • Word is it appeared one morning hanging from the flagpole outside Cobble's Corner Grocery. Cobble was a businessman, so he figures, why not use the knot?
  • The deal was, solve the knot, get a prize.
  • Cobble's Knot ended up outliving Cobble's grocery. Now it's a pizza parlor, and the prize for solving the knot is a large pizza a week for a year.
  • So this is Amanda's plan: Maniac uses his incredible knot-untangling abilities to solve Cobble's Knot, gets his picture in the paper, gets a pizza a week for a year, becomes a hero, and receives everyone's love and adoration.

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