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Maniac Magee Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

  • This chapter is all about the Battle of the Century: Maniac Magee versus Cobble's Knot.
  • It's not a race; he doesn't beat the knot in a great flurry. Rather he pokes and prods, picks and pulls.
  • Both black and white people are watching, because Cobble's sits on Hector Street, the border between East and West End.
  • At lunchtime, the audience that had gotten bored comes back and can finally see progress. The Knot is now floppy and loose, not tight and crusty. Soon, Maniac finds the end.
  • The end is near. But first, Maniac needs some butterscotch Krimpets and a nap.
  • Refreshed, he goes for it. And wins.
  • The crowd goes wild!

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