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Maniac Magee Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • So everything is okay, right? Maniac untangled Cobble's Knot, he's a hero, everyone loves him and he can go back to 728 Sycamore and live happily ever after?
  • Not quite. In the middle of the celebrating, Amanda and Maniac find the ripped up remnants of the legendary encyclopedia A.
  • Turns out Amanda had left it in the living room in plain sight from the window.
  • And yep, someone must have been mean enough to grab it and tear it up. Probably as revenge against Maniac.
  • This is the last straw and Maniac takes off for real. He heads into West End, but McNab and the Cobras drive him back. He knows he can't head back into the East End so he stays right in the middle of Hector and walks on out of town.

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