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Maniac Magee Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • So where's a homeless kid on the run to go? If you're Maniac, you head back to the zoo.
  • Turns out they've switched the deer and buffalo enclosures, so Maniac is now roomies with the baby buffalo and his mom.
  • This goes on for a while until Grayson, the old man who works at the park, finds him.
  • Maniac is not in good shape. He's bony, dirty, dressed in rags.
  • For some reason, instead of bringing Maniac straight to the authorities, Grayson takes Maniac to the baseball equipment room at the bandshell.
  • Maniac wakes up, and has a Cup-a-Soup. Once he gets a little energy back, the questions start.
  • Grayson finds out that Maniac lived on Sycamore Street in the East End. But after he scratches some dirt off Maniac's arm and proves that he's white, he's got more questions than get answered right now.

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