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Maniac Magee Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • Grayson and Maniac do Christmas right. Everyone gets to celebrate, including the baby buffalo who gets a scarf (actually three tied together).
  • Back at 101 Bandshell Boulevard, gifts are exchanged.
  • Maniac gives Grayson gloves, a cap and (get the tissues ready) a book. This book is handmade by Maniac and called The Man who Struck Out Willie Mays starring our very own Grayson.
  • Maniac gets gloves, Krimpets, a new baseball and (get the tissues ready) Grayson's old baseball glove, the one he used all the years he played in the Minors.
  • 101 Bandshell Boulevard could not have gotten any happier.
  • So, obviously things are about the get really sad. And they do: "five days later the old man was dead" (31.14).

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