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Maniac Magee Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

  • After two nights in the cabin, Maniac hears voices. Little kid voices.
  • The next morning he manages to get up and goes to the next cabin where he finds two little kids: "Missing Tooth" and "Screecher."
  • Missing Tooth and Screecher are running away to Mexico: and they've got quite a haul of stolen junk food for supplies.
  • Missing Tooth is Russell and Screecher is Piper, and they're brothers. They're quite concerned that Maniac is a cop, but Maniac convinces them that he is actually a pizza delivery boy.
  • Even though Maniac is a runaway himself, he manages to bribe Piper and Russell back to Two Mills using his Cobble's Knot pizza.
  • Maniac then walks them home, having convinced them that if they really want to go to Mexico, they should rest up first and start the next day.
  • And wouldn't you just know it? The older brother of these two delinquents is none other than Giant John McNab.

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