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Maniac Magee Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

  • Maniac still runs, early every morning. One morning he hears footsteps running with him, but looking around, doesn't see anyone. This happens a couple times.
  • Finally one morning he runs into the early morning phantom: Mars Bar Thompson.
  • Before we know it, Maniac and Mars are exercise buddies, splitting up as the town wakes and other people out onto the streets.
  • Things go on like this for a while, until one morning Piper McNab comes running up to them, sobbing and dirty. He and Russell have been up to their normal shenanigans (this one was called "Bombs Away") and long story short: Russell is stuck out on the P&W trolley trestle.
  • Of course Piper expects Maniac to save Russell, but Maniac freezes. Remember the story of how his parents died? Yup, this is the very same trestle, the one place Maniac avoids no matter what.
  • So Maniac leaves.

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