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Mansfield Park Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Tom returns home, which most people are happy about since he's a life-of-the-party kind of guy.
  • Mary is upset, though, because she discovers that she really likes Edmund better and she can't quite figure out why. Love is illogical that way.
  • Henry leaves Mansfield and goes back to his own house, Everingham.
  • It's now September.
  • The Bertram girls are bummed that Henry is gone.
  • Julia is mopey and Maria is increasingly annoyed with Mr. Rushworth.
  • Fanny has come to the conclusion that Henry is terrible and a flirt. She doesn't like him at all and is glad he's gone.
  • Fanny tries to hint to Edmund that Henry is way to close to Maria, but Edmund doesn't pick up on it.
  • Fanny decides to drop it, but she has doubts that Edmund is really right.
  • All the young people gather at Mansfield for an evening of dancing and music.
  • While Fanny is sitting a dance out, she's forced to listen to Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Rushworth gossip about how awesome Maria's future marriage will be and how they think that Henry really loves Julia.
  • The women then start to comment on Edmund and Mary, and Fanny quietly flips out.
  • Tom comes over and half-heartedly offers to dance with Fanny, but she declines. He's glad and says he finds dancing lame and thinks that all this love and romance and couple stuff is stupid.
  • We learn that a Mr. Yates, one of Tom's friends, is at this impromptu dance party.
  • Tom starts to chat politics with Dr. Grant when Mrs. Norris interrupts and asks why Tom isn't dancing.
  • She then suggests that Tom play some cards with her and Mrs. Rushworth. Tom quickly asks Fanny to dance and bolts.
  • He gripes about how annoying Mrs. Norris is.

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