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Mansfield Park Chapter 20

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 20

  • Edmund goes to apologize to his dad for his involvement in the Theater Club. He does try to vindicate, or defend, his own actions as still super moral, though.
  • Edmund also insists that Fanny is totally blameless in the whole thing.
  • Sir Thomas forgives Edmund and tries to forget all about the theater hullabaloo. He'd rather believe that his kids learned a lesson and won't do it again than find out the truth about it all.
  • Sir Thomas is not happy with Mrs. Norris, though, since she was supposed to be the adult chaperone.
  • Mrs. Norris goes into a super long spiel defending herself that gets increasingly ridiculous as she goes on. Sir Thomas finally gives up since she shows no signs of shutting up any time soon.
  • Sir Thomas has all the theater sets torn down and burns all the copies of the play.
  • Mr. Yates thinks that Sir Thomas is the most evil person ever since he clearly hates the theater.
  • Maria is starting to get worried about Henry since he hasn't said anything to her dad.
  • Then Maria overhears Henry talking with Tom. Henry's leaving town and has no plans to return any time soon.
  • Henry then tells Maria that he has to leave but would stay if he could. Maria doesn't buy it.
  • Maria is horrified. But she tries to recover herself and act like there's nothing wrong.
  • Julia is glad he's leaving since she's angry with him by now and just wants him gone.
  • Fanny's also glad he's leaving, but Mrs. Norris is confused that things didn't work out with Henry and Julia.
  • Mr. Yates soon leaves as well in order to escape the theater-hating Philistine otherwise known as Sir Thomas.
  • Sir Thomas says good riddance to all these people.

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