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Mansfield Park Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

  • Fanny quickly goes to her room and finds Edmund there writing her a note.
  • Fanny is excited to see him, as usual.
  • Edmund explains that he has a gift for her: it's a chain for William's cross.
  • Fanny is thrilled yet horrified because she already has a chain now from Mary/Henry.
  • Fanny gushes her thanks and then asks Edmund his advice about the Great Necklace Debate.
  • Edmund is really happy to hear about Mary's kind act and insists that she wear that chain.
  • Fanny says that she likes Edmund's better and would feel better returning Mary's necklace.
  • Edmund tells her that it would be super rude to return the chain and would hurt Mary's feelings. He says he wants her and Mary to be close friends since they are the two people he loves most in the world.
  • Fanny's happy that he loves her, but not happy with the way that he loves her.
  • She agonizes over what to do about he necklaces and over the fact that Edmund loves Mary.
  • Fanny gives herself a pep talk and says that she doesn't have a right to think of Edmund as she does, and that she should be rational in order to have the right to judge people like Mary. For all of her low self-esteem, Fanny definitely displays a bit of an ego here.
  • About ten seconds after Fanny resolves to get over Edmund she picks up Edmund's note and happily freaks out over the fact that he wrote her name.
  • Fanny is about one step away from scrawling Mrs. Edmund Bertram in a notebook and doodling hearts.
  • The day of the ball arrives. Exciting times.
  • Henry offers to take William back to Portsmouth himself, though this will mean that William has to leave a little earlier than planned. Fanny's pretty sad that he's going but is glad he won't have to use public transportation on his trip.
  • Sir Thomas is also a fan of the plan since William will get to meet Henry's Uncle Admiral on the course of their road trip.
  • Fanny starts worrying about how the ball will go and gets a bit depressed. But then Edmund runs into her and tells her they'll have to dance together and Fanny's mood does and abrupt U-turn.
  • Edmund is bummed because Mary told him that she's never danced with a clergyman and never will. He can't tell if she was joking or not and starts talking to Fanny about his problems with Mary.
  • Fanny tells him to stop talking since this will be awkward later when they get engaged. Well she hints at that at least.
  • Edmund gets the drift and tells her that's a nice thought but he doubts he'll be marring Mary now.
  • Their conversation gets cut short but Fanny goes away happy.
  • She also finds out that Mary's necklace doesn't fit the cross so she gets to wear Edmund's gift. But feeling charitable, she decides to wear Mary's chain too and just have two necklaces. TrĂ©s chic, Fanny.
  • Lady Bertram nicely sent a maid up to help Fanny, but Fanny was already dressed so it wasn't necessary.

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