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Mansfield Park Chapter 29

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 29

  • William and Henry depart and Fanny cries. Sir Thomas thinks she's crying for both of them but it's really only for William.
  • Edmund soon leaves, too, to get ordained. Mansfield is suddenly very quiet.
  • The day after the ball is really long and really boring.
  • Fanny has never been at Mansfield without any of her cousins before.
  • Lady Bertram is having empty nest syndrome and misses all of her kids.
  • Lady Bertram and Sir Thomas agree that they're glad Fanny is still around.
  • Fanny is enjoying the quiet and the peacefulness while Mary is bored out her mind.
  • Mary is miserable staying with the Grants and is angry at Edmund for staying away for so long. So then she's also angry with herself for hanging around waiting for him.
  • Mary starts getting jealous, too, when she hears that Edmund is staying with his friends, the Owens, who have single daughters.
  • Finally, Mary can't take it any longer and goes to Mansfield to get some gossip.
  • Fanny is less than helpful and doesn't give her any good dirt on the Owens.
  • Mary asks Fanny to send her regards along to Edmund.
  • Mary announces that she's leaving soon to visit other friends. Fanny lamely says she'll be missed but doesn't assure Mary that Edmund will miss her, which is what Mary actually wants to hear.

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