Study Guide

Mansfield Park Chapter 30

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 30

  • Henry arrives back at the Grants' house in a really great mood. He won't tell Mary what he's been up to, though, and won't say why he was gone for so long.
  • He tells Mary that he's already been over to Mansfield Park to visit with Fanny.
  • Henry then announces that he has fallen in love with Fanny and plans to ask her to marry him.
  • Mary's excited and tells Henry that he's made a great choice since Fanny is such a sweet girl.
  • Henry tells Mary all about how and when he fell for Fanny and rambles on about all the great plans he has for their life together, and how Admiral Crawford will love Fanny, and on and on.
  • Mary is excited and tells Henry that she's sure that Fanny will accept his proposal.
  • Henry says that he regrets that he initially pursued Fanny as a joke, but he plans to make up for it now.
  • He and Mary excitedly discuss Henry's future plans.
  • Henry boldly declares that he plans to rescue Fanny from her horrible life at Mansfield Park and insists that he can do lots more for her and make her much happier than Sir Thomas and Edmund ever could.

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