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Mansfield Park Chapter 33

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 33

  • Henry is in love and is determined and he won't take no for an answer.
  • He and Fanny talk in circles for ages. Fanny refuses him, but she's so overly nice about it that Henry doesn't get the message.
  • Henry finds her challenging and likes her even more because of this. In turn, Fanny thinks he's annoying.
  • Fanny is still completely confused as to why Henry is proposing to her and still can't figure out whether he's serious or not.
  • She starts getting frustrated with her suitor.
  • Finally Henry calls it a day and goes to tell Sir Thomas his ambush didn't work.
  • Sir Thomas tells Henry to persevere, though, and that they can win over stubborn Fanny eventually.
  • Sir Thomas then tells Fanny that Henry hasn't given up hope, though Fanny wishes he would.
  • Sir Thomas says they'll drop the subject for now, but he does inform Mrs. Norris and Lady Bertram of Henry's hopes to marry Fanny.
  • Mrs. Norris agreed not to badger Fanny about it, but she was quietly furious with her for having the nerve to refuse Mr. Crawford, and for attracting Mr. Crawford in the first place. In another story, Mrs. Norris would have made an awesome wicked step-mother.
  • Lady Bertram thinks that Fanny has done a good job and is happy for her.

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