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Mansfield Park Chapter 35

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 35

  • Edmund decides to give Fanny some space but he eventually approaches her to talk about Henry at the request of Sir Thomas.
  • Fanny is reluctant to open up since she's worried that Edmund will pressure her to accept Henry and that he disapproves of her refusing Henry.
  • Edmund denies this and says Fanny did the right thing in refusing Henry if she doesn't love him. But he says that he thinks she'll learn to love Henry in the future if she gives him a fair chance.
  • Fanny confesses to Edmund that she thinks she and Henry are just too different and won't be happy together.
  • Edmund tells Fanny to not judge too hastily and to not let her fear of change keep her from giving Henry a shot.
  • Fanny insists, once again, that she and Henry are too different so Edmund gives her a speech about how opposites attract, referring to himself and Mary.
  • Fanny finally confesses that she has a problem with how Henry acted during the Theater Club days.
  • Edmund tells her that no one was acting well at that time and that she shouldn't judge Henry.
  • Fanny then says that Henry doesn't have the correct opinions on things.
  • Edmund says that Henry is a decent guy and that Fanny can help him become even better. He thinks the pair will be happy together.
  • Fanny is pretty wary about being responsible for someone's moral development, and Edmund tells her she thinks too little of herself.
  • Edmund changes the subject and tells Fanny that Mary is quite angry with her for refusing Henry, but that she still loves Fanny and hopes she and Henry will marry.
  • He adds that Mrs. Grant was shocked by Fanny's refusal as well.
  • Fanny finally says that men shouldn't assume any woman they like will automatically like them back.
  • Edmund reassures Fanny that she just needs more time to get used to the idea of Henry since she's such a creature of habit.
  • Edmund notes that Mary once again agrees with him and joked that Fanny will happily accept Henry's declarations of love after they've been married about ten years.
  • Fanny is pretty distressed and embarrassed by now.
  • Edmund changes the subject and talks about getting ordained, then he walks his cousin back home.

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