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Mansfield Park Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

  • Edmund is convinced that he perfectly understands Fanny now and reports back to Sir Thomas. They agree that Fanny just needs some time and more space to get used to Henry and the idea of being with him.
  • Sir Thomas just hopes his niece won't be too slow about changing her mind because Henry probably won't wait forever.
  • Mary comes by to talk to Fanny in private, so they head up to Fanny's room.
  • Mary scolds Fanny but then realizes it's a bad idea and stops. She switches to reminiscing about the wonderful days of the Theater Club and how happy she was with Edmund then.
  • She remembers how she and Edmund rehearsed together in Fanny's room and how great it all was.
  • She then tells Fanny she doesn't have the heart to scold her, and so hugs her friend instead.
  • Mary proceeds to tell Fanny about the friends she's going to visit, and how those girls are both in not-so-great marriages and are now really not all that fun.
  • She uses this to segue into chatting up Henry and assuring Fanny that she'll have a really great marriage with him.
  • Mary also lets it slip that Henry knew all about the necklace Mary gave Fanny; in fact, it was his idea.
  • Fanny is upset and says that Henry is a flirt and that she still doesn't want to marry him.
  • Mary admits her brother's a flirt but says he doesn't have a habit of falling in love all over the place, which is much safer than making women fall for him.
  • Then Mary reminds Fanny about how nice Henry was to William.
  • Mary embraces Fanny and tells her good-bye, and asks her friend to write to her often.
  • Fanny is relieved that she survived their meeting without letting it slip that the man she actually loves is Edmund.
  • Henry came to say good-bye to Fanny, too, and the next day both of the Crawfords leave town.

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