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Mansfield Park Chapter 40

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 40

  • Fanny finally gets a letter from Mary Crawford. She's actually glad to hear from her because she's desperate for any news of Mansfield Park and all the people she's left behind.
  • Mary gossips about the friends she is visiting, drops hints about Henry and his undying love for Fanny, and is very witty in general.
  • She fills her in on the Rushworths, too. Julia is still with the newlyweds and they're all in London.
  • Mary filled them in on Henry proposing to Fanny and Julia took the news better than Maria did.
  • Maria is very fashionable now and is hosting balls at her townhouse. Julia is still flirting with Mr. Yates, apparently.
  • Edmund's still hanging around at Thornton Lacey and Mary complains that he's moving at a snail's pace.
  • Fanny, meanwhile, has met no one new in Portsmouth and is too shy to try to meet people anyway.
  • Fanny begins to bond with Susan, though, and slowly decides that Susan could use a mentor.
  • Susan is only fourteen years old and needs guidance, and Fanny gradually decides that she fits the bill. Susan could teach Fanny some things, too, especially along the lines of being bold and acting, but Fanny doesn't really pick up on that.
  • First off, Fanny solves the knife issue with Betsey and Susan by buying Betsey her own knife so she'll leave Susan's treasured one alone.
  • Susan is grateful and warms up to Fanny. The two start reading together and Susan begins to mimic Fanny and to act with more restraint.

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