Study Guide

Mansfield Park Chapter 41

By Jane Austen

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Chapter 41

  • Edmund is now probably in London and Fanny's trying not to feel broken-hearted or jealous about the courtship that is likely ensuing.
  • Suddenly, Henry turns up at the Price house.
  • He says he's in town to visit some friends, but really just wants to see Fanny.
  • Fanny's family acts well around Henry, sensing that he is rich and important.
  • Fanny is relieved since she's a little ashamed of her family, especially her father who fortunately isn't home.
  • The group discusses William and Mansfield Park, and then Henry invites Fanny on a walk.
  • Susan accompanies the two of them.
  • The group runs into Mr. Price, who is luckily on his best behavior, and they all decide to go to the dockyards to look at the ships.
  • It's a beautiful day and Fanny is having a pretty decent time.
  • Henry's frustrated by Susan's presence, though, since she's rather nosey and he can't really say anything to Fanny with her sister around.
  • However, he puts on the charm and entertains both the Price girls.
  • Henry then tells Fanny how she has inspired him to turn over a new leaf and how he's started doing more charity work and paying more attention to the tenants that live on his property in Norfolk.
  • Fanny is slowly warming up to Henry.
  • The group heads back to the Price house and Henry's invited to dinner but he declines since he already has plans. Fanny is relieved since her family is especially embarrassing during dinner.

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