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Mansfield Park Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

  • Tom begins to recover slowly and Lady Bertram is happy once again.
  • However, Edmund then writes Fanny a quick note to tell her the truth about Tom's condition: he still has some serious health problems and might not make it. He and his dad decide not to tell Lady Bertram about this so as to not worry her even more.
  • Tom may have consumption, which is the old-fashioned term for tuberculosis, a disease of the lungs. This was a very dangerous and incurable disease during this time period.
  • Edmund also notes that he's focusing on Tom now and will go see Mary in person when he's able, rather than propose to her in a letter.
  • Easter comes and goes and no one comes to get Fanny.
  • Fanny realizes that Mansfield Park is her true home and she longs to go back. She doesn't write the Crawfords to come get her, though.
  • With Fanny's strong desire to go home, she's pretty shocked that Maria and Julia don't bother going back to see about Tom even though they're able to.
  • Julia is having too much fun in London to leave.
  • Another letter from Mary arrives – she offers her condolences about Tom and asks for an update on his condition.
  • But then she notes that it may be a blessing in disguise, and that Edmund would make a really super Sir Edmund Bertram one day.
  • Julia's still in London but Maria has gone off to visit some other friends in the country.
  • Henry begs Fanny to write and says he'll come get her and take her to Mansfield Park so they can all check on Tom together.
  • Fanny is disgusted by Mary's insinuations about how great it would be for Edmund to be the only Bertram son and inherit all the money.
  • Fanny wants to go to Mansfield Park really badly, but she still refuses to ask the Crawfords to take her.

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