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Mansfield Park Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • Edmund feels bad about ignoring Fanny and he makes sure she goes riding again the next day.
  • Mr. Rushworth and his mom show up and everyone starts planning the road trip to Sotherton.
  • The planning is a fiasco since no one can agree on which carriage to take or on who's actually coming along.
  • Lady Bertram is too lazy to go but Mrs. Rushworth thinks she really does want to come until Mrs. Norris convinces her otherwise.
  • Lady Bertram says that Fanny needs to stay home with her.
  • The Rushworths invite the Crawfords to come as well but this causes even more transportation problems since there are so many people going.
  • Edmund insists that they have room to bring Fanny along, too, since Henry Crawford is taking his own carriage. Everyone says "no" but then Edmund says he'll just stay home and Fanny can go in his place.
  • Maria and Mrs. Norris aren't thrilled with this plan, either.
  • Fanny is overly excited about being able to go, but she's bummed Edmund isn't joining.
  • However, Mrs. Grant says that she'll be the one to hang out with Lady Bertram so Edmund can go.
  • Wednesday arrives and it's road trip time. But first, seating arrangement drama ensues.
  • Julia snags a seat next to Henry, though not by calling shot-gun, and Maria is mad.
  • Fanny sits in a carriage with Mary, Maria, and Mrs. Norris.
  • Fanny is having fun since she's never really been anywhere before.
  • Julia keeps calling back to them all about how much fun she's having and how great her view is while Maria secretly plots ways to kill her.
  • They arrive at Sotherton and Maria gets into a better mood since she can show how fabulously wealthy she'll be when she marries Mr. Rushworth.
  • Mary is good at reading people and quickly starts gushing about the house to get Maria in a better mood.

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