Study Guide

Marked What's Up With the Ending?

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

What's Up With the Ending?

Yay. Zoey and her new friends banish the hangry ghosts that are threatening Heath, Nefret strips Aphrodite of her leadership of the Dark Daughters and hands it to Zoey, and Zoey's Mark is mysteriously expanded upon, making her look even more like a mature vamp. Seems like a good place to stop, right?

But… the book doesn't end with all that happy stuff. We also get a glimpse of Aphrodite being angry and scared, which freaks us out a little because Aphrodite usually doesn't just go handle her feelings quietly by herself in a corner. Plus, Aphrodite tells Zoey:

"You don't really know what happened here tonight. You were just being used—we were all just being used. We're puppets, that's all we are." (29.38)

Whoa. Strange. And because we know that Aphrodite gets visions of the future, we're inclined to give her some credit for knowing what's up (Zoey's smart, so she does, too).

So instead of everything coming up roses, this book ends with some major foreshadowing that bad mojo is about to occur. Luckily, though, we also see Zoey majorly supported by her new social group; Stevie Rae tells Zoey: "Whatever happens, we're in it together" (29.48). This makes Zoey feel better about the whole thing and, um, us, too.

And here's how it all ends: "Surrounded by my friends, we all went home" (29.50). Aw. Remember how in the beginning of the book Zoey was all freaking out about fitting in and finding a place to truly call home? Mission accomplished. So it's nice that the book wraps up that major issue in Zoey's life, even if we know that there's some negative stuff heading her way.