Study Guide

Elliott in Marked

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


This is one of the kids in Zoey's classes, and she can't help but notice how much he stands out: "This one had his head down on his arms and he was sound asleep, which I knew because his chubby, way-too-white-and-freckled face was turned in my direction" (13.26). He isn't doing well in that class, obviously, and he also calls Damien a "F***ing faggot" (13.41) after class, showing that in addition to being a slacker, he's not a nice person.

But does this mean he deserves to die? In class one night, he suddenly starts coughing up blood: "bloody tears were running down his pale, round face, and blood was running from his nose like it was a faucet someone had left on" (25.9). His mentor, Dragon, arrives to comfort him in his dying moments, and that's it for Elliott.

Except for the fact that Zoey sees him again. He looks more solid than a ghost, and his eyes "glowed a terrible rust red, like dried blood" (26.44), while "His body looked strange—thinner" (26.46). Plus somehow he has fangs now. He growls at Zoey, telling her "I will have you!" (26.50) and then he attacks her. Nala counter-attacks and runs him off, but the whole encounter is totally creepy. Zoey didn't really like Elliott to begin with, but he certainly wasn't a monster, so what's going on here? We don't find out in this book, so we'll have to wait for the next one.