Study Guide

Nyx in Marked

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Nyx, the Goddess of Night, manifests to Zoey in a vision the same day Zoey is Marked. Here's how she looks: "She was wearing a white fringed dress that was beaded with the same symbols that were on the wall behind her. She was fantastically beautiful, with long straight hair so black it looked as if it had blue and purple highlights, like a raven's wing" (5.38). As if that weren't freaky enough, her voice paints "silver symbols of power in the air" (5.58). Yep, she's definitely a supernatural figure.

Importantly, though, she's not just any figure: She's the goddess who claims vampyres as her descendants. Insofar as vampyres are creatures of the night, her name is a fitting shout-out to her Greek counterpart, who is the goddess of Night.

Nyx has a message for Zoey. She tells her:

"You are special. Accept that about yourself, and you will begin to understand there is true power in your uniqueness. Within you is combined the magic blood of ancient Wise Women and Elders, as well as insight into and understanding of the modern world." (5.57)

Nyx then tells Zoey to be her eyes and ears in the world.

Do we feel like we really get to know Nyx? Nope—but then again, she's an ancient, mysterious goddess. But we know she's on Zoey's side, and she wants Zoey to fix some of the messed-up things going on in the world. So we'll cautiously leave an offering for her and hope to be on her good side.