Study Guide

Marked Education

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Well, derp, Marked is mostly set at the House of Night, a school for vampyre fledglings… so of course education is a theme. As we ride along in Zoey's head, we get to see just how different this school is from her high school: The classes are actually interesting (with topics like Vampire Sociology, Equestrian Studies, and Fencing), the uniforms aren't terrible, and the cafeteria food is actually pretty tasty.

More than that, though, Zoey is discovering that she enjoys learning. She sucks up information about vampyres like a sponge, and in the process, gets in touch with her Cherokee heritage and gains practical experience in ritual magic. Not bad for a girl who was hoping for death in order to get out of a geometry test at the start of the story.

Questions About Education

  1. What is Zoey's attitude about school like before she's Marked?
  2. If you were Zoey, which electives would you sign up for at the House of Night?
  3. What does Zoey want to be when she grows up? How does getting Marked change that?
  4. Were you surprised by the types of classes offered at the House of Night? What were you expecting to see offered there?

Chew on This

As Zoey learns, education is most exciting when it's relevant to your interests and experiences.

If all schools were like the House of Night, the general population would be better educated.