Study Guide

Marked Family

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast


Ah, family… can't live with them, and can't leave their blood-drained corpses in a gutter. In Marked, Zoey's family makes her life a nightmare, between her stern step-dad, her meek mom, and her two siblings who are major pains-in-the-butt; only her grandma seems to understand her and care about her. But Zoey's life is turned upside when she's Marked, which on the plus side, means she gets to leave her parents' icky home to go live at the House of Night.

There, Zoey meets a bunch of other vampyre fledglings, most of them with their own family drama. Stevie Rae's family was okay with her being Marked because it got her out of their small, dead-end town, while Damien's family was relieved because they didn't know what to do about their son being gay. And even adult vamps like Nefret have had some family issues in the past. Maybe vampyres have more in common with humans than it initially seems like.

Questions About Family

  1. Why do you think Zoey doesn't get along with her family? What are the main things they argue about?
  2. How would you characterize the relationships of other vampyre characters to their families?
  3. What does Zoey remember about her Cherokee heritage?
  4. How do Zoey's parents try to control her life?

Chew on This

Being Marked is the best thing that can happen to Zoey because it gets her out of her parents' house.

Despite coming from a dysfunctional family, Zoey has her act together more than anyone else in Marked.