Study Guide

Marked The Supernatural

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

The Supernatural

So… vampyres. You know, the immortal, blood-sucking, unnaturally beautiful kind. Clearly we are no longer in the realm of straight-up reality. This is what Zoey learns in Marked when she goes to the House of Night as a vampyre fledgling, specially Marked by the goddess Nyx. Over the course of the book we see Zoey learn about all kinds of magical stuff, ranging from rituals and spells to ghosts and bloodlust. Some of it's freaky and some of it's empowering, and slowly Zoey begins to get a grasp on the supernatural world and find her place in it. It might be hard at times, but at least it's easy on the eyes.

Questions About The Supernatural

  1. How would you describe Zoey's experience at her first Full Moon Ritual?
  2. What are some of the magical affinities described in the book?
  3. If you could choose an affinity, what would you pick, and why?
  4. Have you ever encountered anything like the rituals in Marked? If so, where, and what were they like?

Chew on This

Zoey's affinity for the five elements makes her a better High Priestess candidate than Aphrodite's affinity for visions.

The ghosts that Aphrodite summons at the Samhain ritual are scarier than the vampyres we see throughout the book.