Study Guide

The Martian Chronicles Night Meeting

By Ray Bradbury

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Night Meeting

  • It's an exciting night for Tomás Gomez. 
  • First, he meets an old man who likes how strange and different Mars is. The old man tells Tomás that time is crazy on Mars.
  • Hello, giant neon sign telling us that time is going to be weird in this story.
  • Next he meets a Martian named Muhe Ca. 
  • We're not particularly surprised that he seems to be from a different time. They can't touch each other, but they can talk and see each other.
  • Amazingly, they seem to get along, which is probably a first for Earthling-Martian contact. 
  • Gomez talks about how great his time is, and Muhe Ca talks about how great his is. It's like a compare and contrast essay, without the grade at the end.
  • They wish they could see the other's world, but they never can. It's just like Romeo and Juliet, only less tragic.

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