Study Guide

Matched Chapter 10

By Ally Condie

Chapter 10

  • Something is wrong—Cassia's house is filled with angry Officials. Evidently her dad lost Grandfather's tissue sample, so now there's no way of ever bringing him back.
  • This is a Big Deal, the Officials reiterate as they berate her dad for his carelessness. He'll have sanctions at work, and a citation—and next time, he'll get an Infraction.
  • Bram asks if there's any way they can get enough tissue from Grandfather's watch, but no dice.
  • Flashback time: A conversation with Grandfather. People take the green pill from time to time, when they're nervous about something. Cassia suggests she might take it before a presentation.
  • Grandfather tells her not to, saying, "'You are strong enough to go without it.'"

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