Study Guide

Matched Chapter 14

By Ally Condie

Chapter 14

  • Officials show up at Cassia's work to administer her next sorting test. She seems to do well, and they tell her, "'we have our eyes on you, young lady.'"
  • Dream sequence time, Shmoopsters: The Officials are giving Cassia another sorting test. She has to sort Em into a Matching pool, but struggles to place her—the Officials say not to worry, and tell Cassia to make Em take the red tablet. Em falls down dead.
  • Cassia wakes up, worried that her sleep tags will show irregularity in her sleep patterns. Also, that the red tablet is a death pill—which apparently is the current rumor.
  • Cassia gets out of bed and chats briefly with her parents, who reminisce about first meeting and falling in love after their Match Banquets. Cassia's mom gets a call from the port and learns she has to leave on a trip for a few days.
  • Cassia goes back to bed but through the walls overhears her parents worry about her. Her mom is concerned she's still upset over the lost tissue sample, despite the fact that "'it was an honest mistake.'" Cassia realizes her mom doesn't know the truth… and if her parents' Match isn't perfect, how can hers be?
  • Back at school the next day, Em raves about her Match. Cassia's jealous of the intrigue and mystery—uh oh.
  • Em gave Ky Cassia's compact to give back to her—but he hasn't given it to her yet. Where is it?

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