Study Guide

Matched Chapter 15

By Ally Condie

Chapter 15

  • False alarm—Ky slips the compact into Cassia's pocket before they leave on their next hike. Wait, just kidding—it's not the compact—it's another small gold object, with a spinning arrow and the labels N, E, S, W. What could this strange object be? Cassia opts to keep it a day or two to find out.
  • Cassia and Ky get to the top first again, and the Officer leaves to deal with an injury. Cassia notices Ky making vaguely familiar-looking curves and lines with his finger in the dirt—he's writing by hand, which nobody knows how to do anymore.
  • Ky tells Cassia he's giving her one of his secrets, since he knows one of hers. Cassia asks him to teach her, and he agrees.

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