Study Guide

Matilda Chapter 12

By Roald Dahl

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Chapter 12


  • It's Wednesday, and still the first week of school. 
  • Miss Honey tells her class that the Trunchbull will be sitting in on their class the next day. (She visits each class every week.)
  • That means they have to be on their best behavior so that they don't upset the Trunchbull. 
  • Then Miss Honey tells them to review what they've been studying, so they can impress their visitor.
  • Then, their teacher explains that she needs a volunteer to get the Trunchbull's water jug and glass prepared and ready before the Trunchbull arrives.
  • What happens next is either super brave or super stupid. Lavender volunteers, because she wants to play a prank on the mean old lady. She sees it as a chance to win herself some glory.
  • Lavender thinks really hard after school, and that night she goes to the pond in her family's garden to try and find a newt. 
  • Although it's not the easiest thing in the world to do, she catches one and puts it in her pencil case. 
  • Even though she can hardly contain herself, Lavender keeps the newt strictly secret when she brings it to school the next day. We like where this is going.
  • Just before the Trunchbull's visit to their class, Lavender gets her water glass and jug and brings them back to the classroom.
  • Then she dumps the newt and pond weeds into the jug. From the outside, you'd never know the jug had a newt in it.
  • Mission accomplished, Lavender goes back to playing with her classmates.
  • We can't wait to see what happens next.

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