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Matilda Chapter 14

By Roald Dahl

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Chapter 14

The First Miracle

  • Matilda has to sit down and act like she's not mad, even though she's fuming inside.
  • The Trunchbull blathers on about how kids are like annoying little insects she'd like to exterminate.
  • Although she thinks this is crazy inappropriate, Miss Honey can't really do anything about it. 
  • Here's where things start to get really interesting, as the Trunchbull takes this opportunity to pour herself some water. 
  • Uh oh. Here comes the newt. 
  • You might be surprised at what happens next. The Trunchbull screams. Everyone else is freaked out too. They're not sure what it is.
  • After the scream, the Trunchbull is embarrassed and even angrier than before, if that's possible.
  • She calls on Matilda and, telling her to stand, blames her for the newt. 
  • But Matilda is totally innocent! Not fair! Poor Lavender is too scared to confess.
  • The Trunchbull and Matilda engage in a screaming match. The Trunchbull calls her a bunch of names, and Matilda stands up for herself. She didn't do it.
  • At this point, the Trunchbull threatens to have Matilda expelled or put in jail. Really, Trunchbull? Really?
  • She tells Matilda to sit and be quiet, or she'll whip her.
  • No slouch, Matilda fumes. Someone like her isn't going to take kindly to that kind of treatment. The kid gets more and more mad. She wishes she could dump the newt on the Trunchbull.
  • Still fuming, Matilda stares at the water cup and starts to feel bizarre. It's like her eyes are full of power. 
  • She concentrates furiously and thinks about making the water cup fall over. She can feel her power reaching over to the cup.
  • Finally it falls and the newt lands right on the Trunchbull's chest. 
  • Boy, does she scream. 
  • When she's a little recovered, the Trunchbull swats the newt and it travels all the way to Lavender's desk. 
  • No one notices when Lavender rescues the newt for later.
  • Then, the Trunchbull screams in fury, demanding to know who did it. She blames Matilda. Predictable.
  • But it's obvious Matilda did not touch the glass, which gives her confidence. 
  • The other children and Miss Honey stand up for her, naturally. They didn't see Matilda come close to the jar.
  • When Miss Honey suggests that it was an accident caused by the Trunchbull, the Trunchbull is even more furious. 
  • She yells at everyone and storms out. (What a shock.)
  • Miss Honey tells her students that they can have recess until the end of the day.
  • Hooray!

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