Study Guide

Matilda Chapter 18

By Roald Dahl

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Chapter 18

The Names

  • Matilda is blown away by the news that the Trunchbull is Miss Honey's aunt. This explains everything. And oh goodness, is this woman evil.
  • Doesn't it make you sad to hear Miss Honey say that the Trunchbull was even worse in private life than she is at school? How could it be worse than what we've already seen?
  • After a change of subject, Miss Honey asks if Matilda wants to practice her magic power.
  • But Matilda says no, that she should go home. 
  • On the way, Matilda asks Miss Honey three final questions:
    1. What is Miss Honey's first name?
    2. What did her aunt call her father?
    3. What did her father call her aunt?
  • Staying open and honest, Miss Honey tells Matilda, but she has no clue what Matilda will do with such strange information. 
  • Cryptically, Matilda just thanks her, and the two part ways.

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