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Matilda Chapter 21

By Roald Dahl

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Chapter 21

A New Home

  • Apparently, when the Trunchbull wakes up, she walks right out of the school and doesn't come back. Yes! Good riddance. 
  • Mr. Trilby, another teacher at the school, calls her and then goes to her house. He discovers it's abandoned, and the Trunchbull's personal things have disappeared.
  • The following day, some lawyers send Miss Honey a letter. It explains that her father's will appeared. Miss Honey gets back the family house and all her father's money. She can move back in ASAP.
  • A few weeks later, Miss Honey is settled back into her nice family home. Matilda comes over every day to hang out. 
  • In the meantime, Mr. Trilby got promoted to Head Teacher, and Matilda got to skip several grades. Now she's in the highest level at the school, being challenged and doing really well.
  • Time passes. 
  • On one of their after-school tea dates, Matilda tells Miss Honey that she can't move things with her eyes any more. Her ability seems to have gone away.
  • Miss Honey explains that it's not surprising. She thinks that the whole reason Matilda had powers in the first place was that she wasn't being challenged, and her brain had too much extra juice. It had to go somewhere. 
  • Now, though, her brain is being challenged, and there's not all that extra stuff left over all the time. 
  • Relieved, Matilda doesn't want to linger on the topic. She changes the subject, and talks about how different animals' hearts beat at all sorts of different rates. 
  • They have a wonderful chat and both of them seem really happy. They're two peas in a pod.
  • At dinnertime, Matilda has to leave to go home. 
  • When she gets there, something weird is happening. Her parents are packing all their stuff up and there's a getaway car outside. 
  • Mr. Wormwood says they're leaving for Spain, like right now, and she better get ready.
  • When Matilda protests, her father shuts her up.
  • Matilda races back to Miss Honey's and explains. 
  • To Matilda's shock, Miss Honey doesn't seem shocked. What's going on?
  • Miss Honey explains to Matilda that her father is a criminal who flips stolen cars.
  • For real? That's Matilda's reaction, even though she knows about her father's special sales techniques. 
  • The next thing that happens is a no-brainer. Matilda immediately says she wants to stay and live with Miss Honey.
  • Although this sounds like something they'd both like, Miss Honey is hesitant, until Matilda suggests that her parents might agree. 
  • Wasting no time, the two race back to Matilda's family's house. There, the Wormwoods are just about finished loading the car.
  • After Matilda shouts out the new plan and asks her parents to let her stay, Miss Honey asks for their permission.
  • The Wormwoods show their usual lack of care for Matilda. They don't mind giving up their daughter one bit.
  • As Matilda's old family drives away, Matilda and Miss Honey hug: they're a new family at last.

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