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Matilda Chapter 8

By Roald Dahl

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Chapter 8

The Trunchbull

  • It's recess, so Miss Honey goes straight to see the Trunchbull, because she wants to explain what a genius Matilda is. 
  • There's just one problem: the Trunchbull is a scary person. And she's not the most understanding individual in the world. To say the least.
  • As soon as the conversation starts it's pretty clear that Miss Honey is scared of the Trunchbull, and the Trunchbull will barely let Miss Honey get a word in. 
  • It's as though the Trunchbull keeps misunderstanding Miss Honey on purpose.
  • When Miss Honey brings up Matilda, the Trunchbull starts raving about Matilda's dad. 
  • She just bought a car from him and thinks she got a sweet deal. (Of course, we know she got totally ripped off.)
  • The Trunchbull is a big fan of Mr. Wormwood now, so she completely took his word for it that Matilda is a terrible little girl. Ugh.
  • The more Miss Honey protests, the more the Trunchbull cuts her off and talks about how little girls stink. 
  • When Miss Honey tries to explain Matilda's exiting potential, the Trunchbull puts both Matilda and Miss Honey down. She mocks all the achievements Miss Honey's listing.
  • Even so, Miss Honey argues that Matilda should be moved up, so she can be challenged, but the Trunchbull refuses, saying that Miss Honey is just trying to be clever and get Matilda out of her own class.
  • The meeting ends after the Trunchbull says she misses being able to beat up children who misbehaved. Yeah, she's a regular peach.
  • Undiscouraged, Miss Honey goes back to her classroom, determined that she'll keep working to make sure Matilda gets a great education. 

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