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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 106

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Chapter 106

  • They find a tree to land in, but they're not in the clear yet because Erasers immediately surround it.
  • One of the Erasers is Ari and he starts antagonizing them like he always does—he even says that he resents Max for shutting him out when he was just a kid, back before he became an Eraser.
  • Then Ari pulls out Angel's bear, and she starts to scramble down to get it. Max has no choice but to drop out of the tree in order to defend Angel.
  • Angel uses her mind powers to get Ari to drop the bear against his will (apparently she's getting better at this), then hops back into the tree with the bear.
  • The Erasers leap forward to attack them, but Ari tells them to stop—they have their orders to leave the flock alone for now. He motions to them and they all disappear. What was that about?

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