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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • The School is in California and six hundred miles away, so the kids have to be up for a seven hour flight—at the very least—if they want to go rescue Angel. And remember: They won't be hopping on a plane for this trip.
  • Even though Iggy has reservations, Max is clear on the plan: They're going to go get Angel. Actually, she, Nudge, and Fang are going to get Angel, while Iggy and the Gasman hold things down on the home front.
  • Iggy and the Gasman are upset about this. Iggy thinks it's because he's blind, and the Gasman thinks it's because he's too emotionally involved (since Angel is his sister), but Max just reiterates that they can't come. Deal with it, guys.

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